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Hey there 👋 !

I am Adithya, scientist, full-stack developer, software engineer and a climber.

I have a PhD on 'how shit flows' (Domestic Slurry Hydraulics in Transport: D-SHIT) from TU Delft, where I studied the fluid dynamics of faecal sludge to design sewer systems. I have a Master of Science (MSc) in Process technology (Process Systems Engineering, Chemical Engineering) and a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in the same. I like looking into systems and understanding their behaviour, answering questions like how do they whatever they do, why do they do it and what influences it. I applied this to complex fluids (poop + water happens to be one) and got a PhD out of it.

I like working on web/mobile-applications, cloud-utility projects, data-science and AI/ML projects. I have a expertise in (waste)water management, GIS, Geospatial data, remote-sensing, process (chemical) systems engineering and digital twins.

I started building websites at 12, playing around with html and css. I first hosted a website of MIDI files, when I was playing the keyboard and had a Yamaha PSR 1000. I started writing algorithms to solve prolems in optimizing process systems. Used MATLAB quite a lot. I got into full-stack dev and building web-apps when I wanted to turn my research work into an interact-able app. I love working with Python and JavaScript. My stack at the moment includes:

  • Starlette, FastAPI, Flask for the backend
  • VueJS, ReactJS for the frontend
  • TailwindCSS, Bootstrap for the CSS
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase for the database
  • AWS, GCP for cloud utilities

I also work on AI/ML projects that make use of Tensorflow. Currently, I am working on a service that is looking to provide a context aware consumer experience when searching for and buying clothes. Somewhere, in the intersection between AI and E-Commerce. More on that later...

I also love to climb. I have climbed around the world, rock and ice, sport, alpine and trad. Some of my favorite places are the Dolomites in Italy, Sanstone of Berdorf, Cracks in Basalt at Ettringen, Limestones of Freyr. In 2021, I climbed a total of 2900m of rock face in 7 days in the Dolomites.